100% Plant Based Products

We design Ball pits, Playmats, Furniture that are non-toxic, with OEKO-tex cotton and LDPE balls.
We are now providing our products with a new plant-based foam, which is organic, recyclable, washable, breathable for the perfect comfort and wellbeing of the child.
Furthermore, the foam is non-flammable.
We focus on the safety of the child and provide products of a very high standard, with the toy safety regulations accordantly to EU, USA and ASIA

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The main ingredients in this specific type of plant-based foam is corn, which means that the product is non-toxic and highly bio-degradable – our plant-based foam is STC food level certificated, this means if children puts it in their mouth there will be no chemical reactions.
One of the other advantages in using plant-based foam is that the material is natural
fire-resistant compared to regular foam, which is derived from oil products such as the chemical poly foam.


Traditional foam is made of polyol, water and polyisocyanates of which last mentioned has been linked with hormone disturbances and the emergence of allergy. This type of traditional foam is found in nearly all manufactured goods such as mattresses and couches, mainly due to its accessibility and low production costs. Kids are especially vulnerable to the exposure of chemicals and cannot protect their rights to a non-toxic upbringing. Globally, 54% of all cases of diseases related to environmental exposure are kids under the age of 15. There is growing recognition, that exposure to toxic environments.

We strive to provide kids with better opportunities regarding a better, healthier life.

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