Baby Blue balls

kr 225

Non-toxic balls for ball pits and many other occasions, with many hours of fun. We guarantee you high-quality balls for your child. Most importantly, our balls are made out of LDPE plastic which you know from for example baby bottles. This is a recyclable and sustainable type of plastic that is safe for your child and great for the planet. Our Non-toxic balls for the ball pit are durable and easy to wash at 30 degrees in the washing machine. The balls can also be used for water play in a swimming pool or for other outdoor games for the children. You can mix different colored balls in the children's room or in other rooms to create your very own expression. We always follow the trend of the times to make sure you have exactly the color you need.

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  • Balls for ball pit
  • Safe for your child
  • Colors so mix and match


Dimensions: 7cm Balls

Material: Non-toxic LDPE BPA free 

Color: Baby Blue