Cloud Playmat

kr 1.200,00
Tax included.

This Cloud Playmat is specially designed for your baby's comfort and safety during playtime. Made from soft velvet material and organic plant-based fiber foam, it provides a gentle flooring surface for your little one to roll, tumble, and play on.

  • Soft flooring surface for babies/kids to play on
  • Ensures a gentle landing for rolling, tumbling, and falls
  • Tested to be hygienic and secure to infants
  • Works on all flooring surfaces
  • Washable at 30 degrees
  • No tumble-dry
  • Fits perfectly to cloud ball pit

Part of 'The Organic Cloud Set', this playmat is a reliable and secure addition to your baby's play area, providing a safe and comfortable environment for them to explore and have fun. Check out the complete set here.