Ball Pit - Velvet Baby Blue (90x30)

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Introducing our magnificent Ball Pit in the captivating shade of Velvet Baby Blue!

This delightful playtime sanctuary measures an impressive 90x30 and promises endless hours of joy and excitement for your little ones.

Featuring an enchanting and soft velvet material, our ball pit is crafted to provide comfort and durability, ensuring it can withstand the wildest playtime adventures. The plushness of the velvet adds an extra touch of luxury to the play experience.

The Ball Pit - Velvet Baby Blue comes complete with 200 non-toxic LDPE balls, allowing your little ones to dive into a sea of fun and imagination. These colorful balls offer a safe and exciting play environment.

One of the standout features of our ball pit is the use of organic plant-based fiber foam, specifically designed to provide extra comfort and safety. With the high-quality foam, children can bounce, jump, and play with peace of mind.

Keeping the ball pit clean is a breeze! Thanks to its machine-washable design, maintaining a fresh and hygienic play area is as simple as tossing it into the washing machine at 30 degrees. Easy peasy!

Customization is key, and our ball pit offers the perfect canvas for personalization. Create a unique play experience by adding extra balls of various colors to make the ball pit truly your own.

  • Plush velvet material for extra comfort
  • Includes 200 non-toxic LDPE balls for safe and exciting playtime

This wonderful Ball Pit - Velvet Baby Blue is a dream come true for kids and parents alike. Join the fun and create lasting memories with this magnificent playtime essential.

  • Dimensions: 90x30
  • Color: Baby Blue
  • Material: Velvet