Ball Set - Ocean Dream Mix

kr 99,00

Dive into a world of imagination with our Ball Set - Ocean Dream Mix!

Let your little one's dreams come to life as they splash, bounce, and play with this vibrant set of LDPE non-toxic balls. The set is perfect for ball pools, bouncy castles, or simply for playtime fun!

With a diameter of 7cm, each ball is just the right size for little hands to grip, toss, and catch. The Ocean Dream Mix includes a delightful assortment of colors to stimulate your child's creativity and inspire endless hours of play. Watch as they explore the enchanting light gold, the serene baby blue, the mysterious dark grey, and the soothing light blue. These vibrant hues will captivate their imagination and keep them engaged for hours on end!

Not only are these balls visually appealing, but they are also made from safe and non-toxic LDPE material. You can have peace of mind knowing that your child is playing with a product designed with their safety in mind. This set is suitable for children of all ages, allowing siblings and friends to join in the imaginative fun.

  • Key features of our Ball Set - Ocean Dream Mix:
  • 1. Vibrant LDPE non-toxic material
  • 2. Perfect for ball pools, bouncy castles, and playtime

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create an oceanic wonderland for your little ones! Order our Ball Set - Ocean Dream Mix today and let the adventures begin!