Junior Pillow - Butterfly

kr 399,00
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The Junior Pillow - Butterfly is the perfect companion for your little one's bedtime routine.

It is designed with utmost care and attention to provide the best support for children aged 1-6 years.

With its ergonomically-shaped design, this pillow ensures that your child's head and neck are properly supported throughout the night. It naturally adjusts to the shape of their head, helping to prevent any deformities that may occur due to incorrect positioning.

This scientifically-engineered pillow is made with plant-based foam, making it non-toxic and antibacterial. You can rest easy knowing that your child is sleeping on a pillow that is safe and free from harmful chemicals or glue.

The Junior Pillow - Butterfly is not only functional, but also practical. It is breathable and washable, making it easy to keep it clean and hygienic. Its natural and odorless properties add an extra layer of comfort.

  • Designed for children aged 1-6 years
  • Made with plant-based foam that is non-toxic and antibacterial

Give your child the comfort they deserve with the Junior Pillow - Butterfly. It provides the perfect amount of support to ensure a good night's sleep and healthy development. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to peaceful dreams!


  • Dimensions: 1-6 years
  • Color: White