Silicone Penguin Night Light

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Adorable Silicone Penguin Night Light with 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery – Multifunctional Phone Holder, Kids Toy, Home Decoration, and Sleeping Companion with Warm LED Lamps

Introducing our Silicone Cute Penguin Night Light, a versatile and charming addition to your home! Crafted from soft silicone, this delightful penguin serves as a rechargeable night light, a practical phone holder, and a lovable companion for your little ones.

With a powerful 1200mAh rechargeable battery, this night light offers a warm and comforting glow, creating a serene atmosphere for a good night's sleep. The silicone construction ensures a safe and soft touch, making it an ideal toy for kids.

But that's not all – this adorable penguin also doubles as a convenient phone holder. Simply place your phone in its embrace, and enjoy hands-free viewing at the perfect angle. The whimsical design adds a playful touch to any room, making it a charming home decoration.

Whether used as a kids' toy, a phone holder, or a decorative piece, our Silicone Penguin Night Light brings joy and functionality to your space. Embrace the warmth of its LED lamps and the delightful companionship it offers – a perfect addition to your home.

Product name
Silicone cute duck night light
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96* 88 * 126mm
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