Velvet Children's Hanger - 30 Pack

kr 199,00

28cm Velvet Children's Hanger - Flocking Baby's Hanger with Non-Slip Design

Product Description:
Elevate your child's wardrobe organization with our 28cm Velvet Plastic Children's Hanger. Crafted with care, this baby's hanger features a soft flocking that prevents garments from slipping and maintains the integrity of delicate fabrics. The non-slip velvet surface ensures that your kids' clothing stays securely in place, promoting a tidy and neat closet.
Designed with a durable plastic frame, these hangers are not only functional but also visually appealing. The 28cm size is perfect for accommodating a variety of children's clothing sizes, making it versatile for your growing child's wardrobe. Invest in the quality and reliability of our velvet plastic children's hanger to keep your little one's clothing organized and in top condition.